Welcome Student Inventors!

Invention Education: Minnesota Student Inventors Congress provides helpful information about the patent process, types of manufacturing and marketing strategies. We work with teachers and local school boards to provide skills for success. We sincerely look forward to meeting with you!

Minnesota Inventors Congress has a wonderful history supporting youth and their inventions.
Today, we are educational based 501C3 non-profit organization. So students: Put that creative hat on and build your invention for the upcoming EXPO! We have met annually on the second Friday, Saturday and Sunday in June ever since 1958!

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Teachers, Counselors and Mentors, please contact us Today!
Download our Tool-Kit for helpful information. This is an easy way to review and answer many of your questions you have in setting up your creative student. You can contact us by email; we will try to answer your questions within 24-hours.

This is a non-competitive exhibition for creative and innovative students from all around Minnesota. 50 students demonstrate their ideas and exhibits each year. Students ageing from K-12 exhibit each day during this annual event. Some students have even patented and marketed their inventions!

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